Aug update on the SUF app (including Android)

Have you Suffered today, Sufferlandrians?

Back in May, I wrote an update about what was happening with The Sufferfest app. I didn’t say too much in that post about what we were doing. We were – and are still – working on something big. And I still can’t say too much about it. Which I know drives everyone crazy. Including me.

However! What I can say is that we’re really nearing the finishing stages now. We have a fully functioning app, Sufferlandrians testing it on multiple platforms, and just a few more things to push in before it’s ready to go. It feels like we’ve been working on it for years. Probably because we have.

In any case, it’s exciting, but also a bit stressful as we work hard to get everything done, tested and refined. We’re pretty well locked-in on launching around the start of the (Northern Hemisphere) indoor season (intentionally vague launch period there). And we’re not just bringing you new features. Oh no. Rather, this is an entirely new app with some new concepts and plenty of new content and it works on Android. It’s a fresh, modern platform that will set our direction for the future. Based on how our Sufferlandrian beta testers have reacted, I can say right now that you’ll be genuinely surprised and, I hope, delighted by what we’ve come up with. The team and I are very proud of it.

So, with all that in mind and so you know this really is going to happen, I wanted to give you all a heads up – well in advance – on what we suggest you have in order to best run this new platform. It will, most likely, work on OS below these specs, but these are the minimums which we will officially support:

  • iPhone/iPad: iOS 14
  • Mac Computers: Catalina 10.15
  • Windows Computers: Windows 10 (v1903)
  • Android: Android 9

PS. More to come as we get closer to launch. Thank you for your patience – I know it’s been a long wait. And while you can’t download a new app yet, at least you can get a Laser Goat T-Shirt and National Flag :slight_smile:


Keeping us in deep suspense!

Do knights get to have a go at the beta version? :grimacing::grimacing:

At the moment, our beta group is full. But we’re looking to create a fresh intake of Knights in a bit – we haven’t decided exactly how we’ll manage that yet but stay tuned.


VERY excited. :crossed_fingers:

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Wish I could… Why does Wahoo hate Norway?


I know for a fact that GvA LOVES Norway…

:tired_face: :tired_face: :tired_face:


I am aware of that @CPT_A, noticing that at least 2 out of 55 videos (that I know of) are based in Norway (and rumour has it there will be more), so it is not SUF or GvA I have a problem with (although not having a problem with GvA might sound a bit strange).

It is Wahoo, which does not ship to Norway from their store, meaning us Vikings cannot win SUF challenge prizes or shop from the Wahoo store. Which is too bad, I think I could have referred a lot of people to SUF in the ongoing campaign…



Sorry - morning attempt at humor from the USA.

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Haha, yeah I kinda got that, sorry if my reply became too serious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which makes you the only person here who’s referrals are absolutely pure at heart - since you get nothing out of it. :wink:

Seriously though, +1 on giving Norway some love.

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I would image that is a question of import/export government regulations, tariffs, etc. rather than Wahoo/SUF policy.

It is not an unusual occurrence when I order online that I find certain items cannot be shipped to certain countries. For example, for some reason REI will not ship PEARL iZUMi clothing from the US to Canada.


What about National SOCKS? Got to look good in that Knighthood kit as you are kicking ass!


You are most likely correct @Heretic, but I still find it odd that Wahoo store has not figured this out. Norwegians has a huge consumption of sports tech gadgets, surely there would be a potential market.

As for restrictions on certain brands, that’s another story related to distribution agreements the brand utdelt may have with agents in different countries.

Guess I will go for a holiday in Germany at some point and order some stuff there :wink:


Hehe, you’re right @Pierre :wink: Have made referrals in the past though, but I won’t help any of my friends get faster unless there is something in it for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Holiday in Germany coming up! Hmmm, maybe I’ll even go there by bike :bike: :partying_face:

I have a similar issue in NZ. I can get Wahoo stuff, but CANNOT get spare parts for my Sidi shoes :cry:

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Finally! so excited.

Looking forward to this. I don’t enjoy having to lug my laptop into the garage. It’s the small things :slight_smile:

It’s going to be fun fun fun ….

looking fwd to it

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I’m looking for parts for my shoes. Can you help with the URL where I can find them. Broke one of the tightening clamps…