What the SUF? Update on The Sufferfest App (inc. Android)

Have you Suffered today, Sufferlandrians?

You may have noticed that not much has happened with The Sufferfest app lately. We’ve made some minor improvements in terms of performance, etc. but nothing major and certainly nothing since the Tour of Sufferlandria. You might be wondering what’s going on. You might be thinking we’re just lounging on the beaches of the Great Lactic Acid Sea. Maybe you think Wahoo has just not been able to do anything with us. Maybe you think I should just finish this ramble and explain why our Android app isn’t out yet (I’ll get to that).

Well, as mentioned previously, we continue to work behind-the-scenes on an entirely new platform for The Sufferfest. It’s the biggest, boldest, most significant thing we’ve ever created. It has new platforms (Android works!), new content and experiences, new functions, new designs and even better sports science. It’s the foundation for our future. Product management, engineering, design, content, customer service, marketing…everyone is fully committed to this…and that’s why you’re not seeing anything happen on the SUF app.

At the moment, we have a large team of Beta testers – including Wahoo employees as well as significant number of you from the Sufferlandrian community – who are all using this new platform (including Android!) on a daily basis. Their feedback and ideas are helping us improve this platform even more. We’re still building it, but we’re on track and not far from having it fully assembled. At that point, we go into our backlog of refinements and then into a bunch more testing to ensure it is stable and delivers the kind of experience it needs to.

We haven’t yet set a launch date. But when that date comes, I can’t wait to talk with you about it. I feel absolutely sure that you’ll understand why this has taken us so long and also that the wait was worth it.

Thanks for your patience and support. Happy to answer questions.

More than you, David


Can’t wait.

Thanks David, and the Minions.

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sounds interesting and can’t wait…cheers all

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This is great news. Can you already comment on four little things?

  1. Will there be a new (proper *duck) calendar with trainingpeaks-like data?
  2. I assume you will be able to finally push outdoor workouts to a wahoo head unit?
  3. As there will be Android … will there also be native AppleTV?
  4. Timeline - I’m aware that this is almost rude to ask as companies nowadays are so afraid of upsetting customers by delaying announced launch dates. However, something like - Hopefully July, might very well become October, if we run into major bugs even May 2022 - would be fine with me.

Thanks for an already great product :slight_smile:

  1. The Calendar will be a major step forward.
  2. Perhaps not when we launch this but it is absolutely a priority to follow quickly.
  3. Not at launch. Not sure when. We had to pick one for this and went with Android.
  4. Wish I could say but I’ve screwed up so many times before that I don’t want to jinx it. In a couple more months I can most likely be more specific.

Awesome. This explains the lights on in the SUF offices down at the docks 24 hours a day. :slight_smile:
I remember being amazed with the previous substantial iteration. I look forward to what you mob have come up with this time, and I don’t blame you for not wanting to name a date - this nearly always backfires on companies. The best bet is to completely finish it and then say “it’s out in a month”, cos then you are bound to find a couple of last minute bugs in that month. :rofl:


Happy to ear this… your work is very appreciate!

Only a question… maybe direct sinc from SUF to SUUNTO app?


How do I get on beta program? I am prepared to suffer for the cause…

Thanks very much for the update @David.McQuillen.KoS - godspeed for the UAT and regression testing! I’m very excited to see what’s next!

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I live about 1 mile from their address in atlanta. I signed up to be a beta tester and didn’t hear anything back so I assume the beta testing list is closed now

I am pleased to get an update.

Better calendar, training peaks integration, android and apple tv are features that come up all the time. I’m sure they will be just as pleased as we are when they are released in the future.

Sounds like they have even more in the works though.


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@David.McQuillen.KoS ouch, that hurts, man.


If you’re telling us about a user-supported Beta test, then I hope you expect us to ask to join!

Could I please join the Beta test if it’s still open? Thank you.

There’s nothing like finding and squashing bugs to aid in the suffering.

You could have done a small change here, a little tweak there, or something bold. Glad it’s the grand plan.

Looking forward to it.
Last visual update was 01/19, so 01/22 should be really the last deadline with new outstanding content.

Any new workouts in the pipeline?

Yes, please!


Lots. Maybe even more than that.


This is definitely in the bold corner.