Average Power When Done Is Way Lower Than Through The Session

Been a user for 4 years and I have the Wahoo Kickr v4.

Tonight I did 30 minutes of the Open 40. I started at 125 watts for 5 minutes, went up to 150 watts for 10 minutes, went up to 175 watts for 15 minutes. When I was done and it posted to both Garmin Connect and Strava, it showed an average power of 129. That’s simply not possible. Average speed and distance was way lower than it should have been as well.

While average speed is usually lower by a couple of miles per hour, it was 4-6 mph lower tonight, and hence distance was lower than normal as well. But the POWER reading is what really has me puzzled.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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Hey @Jon_Roth and welcome to the forums. Did you happen to have the app paused at all for this. Even before you started to ride. Eg. Did you press start then pause while you got everything ready to ride the pressed start again?

Do you have the latest firmware for your Kickr? Also, the v4 is the ‘18 model and that does require calibration. I’ll do this on mine every couple of weeks by easy spinning for 10 minutes then doing the spindown calibration via the wahoo fitness app.

As for speed, if you’re using SYSTM it is generally recommended to use virtual speed within the app for the most accurate speed and distance simulation/calculation otherwise the gear ratio you use impacts flywheel speed and may give a less realistic estimation of speed/distance.


I have a wahoo kickr bike and noticed the same thing recently.

I sat at about 175w for an hour with a short warm up and warm down, it said my average power was 129w.

Something seems odd. No stops and no auto pause turned on.

The bike doesn’t need calibration to the best of my knowledge.

Overall, for the past week my efforts feel unrewarded with matching data. I wonder if it’s a bug with the latest software?


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