Wahoo Smart Roller Inaccurate

I’ve just gotten the Wahoo Smart Roller and have done four rides on it including 4DP test. When I rode, the roller resistance felt stronger than it should based on the target wattage (despite consistent cadence at 85-90). My 4DP test results is 37W slower than my results one year ago (done on Kickr). This doesn’t add up as am a stronger rider now.

Does anyone have similar challenges with their Wahoo Smart Rollee?

Doesnt the smart roller work off a power meter you supply? If i rember correctly then that would more so point towards a inaccuracies between your kicker and the unknown power supply. If that is where it lies you should be able to dual record the kicker and the other power meter to compare them

I have a power meter on my bike.

Yes, I think that is what he is saying, the Roller doesn’t have a power meter, it relies on the power meter on your bike, so the “difference” is not going to be the Roller, if you used the Kickers internal power meter when you did the 4DP previously, this is more likely to be the reason for the difference, or it could be that you just didn’t test that well this time

best way to test is you can verify your power meter vs the kickr. Is to do a ride while recording both, and then compare. the roller its self can not be out any power numbers since it does not report them. It would point towards your pm on the bike reads possibly lower then your kickr but without and apples to apples same ride comparison we can’t say for sure.