Bad knees standing on 9 hammers

I just did 9 hammers for the first time. Managed to finish it (barely) with FF numbers that are about 4 weeks old - this is the benefit of being SO unfit that you get good improvements early on.

When it told me to stand, I couldn’t. I could push out the power targets and cadence without standing, but couldn’t stand. I’d maybe last 5 seconds before my knees collapsed. I think it’s something to do with cleats/position on the pedals. I did have a bike fitting and it made a lot of difference, but my knees can’t cope with standing. Will this improve, or do I have some other biomechanical issue I need to deal with first?


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@Fezzek Have you tried the Elements of Style video? If not check it out and make sure that you have the correct form when standing including keeping your knees straight - not out to the sides which I personally have a habit of doing from time to time and when I do for a prolonged period it does affect me.

Another though is that if you are just starting out, it does take a bit longer for ligaments and tendons to adjust to the load versus muscles. You may want to also try a warm-up ride like GCN’s Ready, Steady, Go or SUF’s Ignitor or just spin for 15 minutes and when you are done with the workout try one of the yoga videos that targets hips, calves and hamstrings.

Hope that helps and best of luck finding the issue!

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Thank you. Have done that video, knees are all ok.

Will try the bike fit shop next week and see what they say. (Its by appointment only)


Hey Martin, 9 Hammers- great work!!

For the standing some of it is personal preference and some of it is to do with your core strength and stability. If needed stay seated on standing sections if you are struggling but adding some strength and yoga sessions to your routine will help too :slight_smile:

Thank you. I do a daily rehab session on my spine/core and have yoga and strength added into the program as well. I have noticed that my left knee starts to get sore after only a couple of minutes on the bike, and settles down again a few hours after the ride.

I’ll see the bike fitting people again next week and see if they have any ideas. As far as I can tell, I’m doing all the right things.

I find my knees are good at the start of my workouts, nicely tracking straight ahead. But then as I fatigue I often find my knees tracking inward and sometimes rubbing on my top tube. Me thinks some strength training is in order (for me).