Trouble Standing - I’m a newbie

Hi, I just started. I am having lots trouble standing. It’s clunking, I can’t spin well, it’s like there is not enough resistance. I have been in ERG mode and I have not shifted gears. Should I shift gears? Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you.


You could try reducing cadence when you stand. Some of the newer workouts will reduce the cadence target during standing sections, but not all do. I give up on the cadence target when I’m standing, and will often ride at ~70 rpm while standing vs 90-100 rpm while seated.

You shouldn’t need to shift gears, as ERG mode will increase the trainer resistance to maintain power at the reduced cadence.


I had the identical issue. There was almost no way in ERG mode that I could stand. The resistance was just not there in ERG mode. Two things to explore.

  1. Switch to Level Mode. Then you can crank up the resistance to where ever necessary to be able to stand.

  2. Do the Half Monty test at a minimum to see if your FTP and MAP numbers are where they should be.

Good luck.

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You shouldn’t need resistance to stand, if you do (and this is constructive criticism, not criticism) you need to work on your pedalling dynamics in terms of how smoothly you can control the transition of weight between your feet.

In an ideal world, you should be able to stand with minimal resistance at either 20 rpm or spin at 90+
It’s primarily a case of core strength to manage your body position over your legs.

I mean, it’s not actually all that important to stand at all if you don’t want to, much less to be able to do it at low resistance, but it is a skill you can build.


Thank you all very much! I will work with your suggestions. THANKS!!!


In erg mode, for a given power, the force (torque) applied to the pedals is inversely related to the cadence. Lowering your cadence requires more force on the pedals to produce the same power. That can make it easier to stand.

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