Best Community Ever

I just want to break in here with a quick compliment to all you marvelous Sufferlandrians. Having been conditioned by Couchlandrian social media, there are times when I read a venting kind of post here that sounds as if it’s going to be controversial, polarizing, and negative, and I feel a touch of anxiety. Is my beloved Nation going to be brought down from within?

Of course not! Every single time, my fellow citizens respond to these vents as they ought, with curiosity, sympathy, courtesy, humor, and help. We are a diverse lot with various histories and reasons for immigrating here, but bound by a love of Suffering that is stronger than any forces of division. Thank you all for making this a great place to stay. Not that I could ever leave.


Crushed it!


I’ll bite. Moon Rider inspiration ride neither involved the moon, nor was inspirational. Discuss.




Try this thread. :slight_smile:

@CPT_A common ground: no, it wasn’t about the moon, and it wasn’t exactly inspirational. But I loved it, probably because “over-thinking, cerebral, talented athlete who just wants to win but finds typical training stupid and controlling and needs to find his own way forward” basically describes my son as a college runner. Felt like watching a movie about my home life :slight_smile:


@DameCristy well said. I have two at home just like that!

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