How many sufferlandrians in the Aussie census tonight

So… I’m sufferlandrian… Do we speak sufferlandrian too?

You’ve just reminded me to hit submit… thank you sir


I ahem may have listed it as my religion, too.



And like Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS, submitted it from the little island just south of the bigger one!


And bonus extended lockdown. Which = more Suffer!

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We should really just remove all furniture, and mandate that you can only sit whilst suffering . Unless the vid requires you to stand, of course.

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Where are you, Craig?

I’m in Longley at the base of the valley pretty much at the start of the Kunanyi time trial - beautiful cycling country which you probably know well now.

I was on a Tassie Torque ride raving about Sufferfest when someone mentioned you head out with the club from time to time. It would be great to head out on a ride with you sometime - when you’re not channeling your alter ego GvA! (And when I’m back on the road after recent shoulder surgery.) What you have created here, and are now building on with Wahoo, is something truly awesome with a community (riders/ coaches/ support staff etc) that is pretty special.

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Sorry, while GvA may be licking his lips I feel for you!

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We need to get out for a ride sometime, mate! Maybe you can join me and the other guys from Wahoo. DM me and we can arrange something.

That would be great. Will do.

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