Old Knight, new tricks?

Once upon a time I was a Sufferlandria passport carrier, and was actually part of the first tour. Life took some interesting turns (divorce, addiction, injury) and I left racing and cycling behind.

But, I’m cycling again now years later and armed with a Wahoo Snap for the winter season. I noticed yesterday the app release and the updates so I thought I would give it the 14 day trial, gotta say @David.McQuillen.KoS it has come a long way since, and am very happy you are still a part of SF. I will be dropping my Zwift membership this month and working towards earning my citizenship again, the program builder is a huge factor for me, and SF has always held a cozy spot in the dark recesses of my heart.

Are we still able to purchase a flag, etc? It would look great in my new home.

PS. I also got my wife on here, she loves it!


You can never leave Sir @Jlopes :wink: Also, the old flag has been replaced. There’s a story there if you search the forum but the new flag and a t-shirt can now be purchased here: Canadian site. Cycling Trainers, Running, and Fitness Accessories | Wahoo Fitness Canada and the new cycling kit here: (unless you’re in the UK then Brexit so :frowning: no). CUORE | Welcome To Sufferlandria

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The uncomfortable have nothing to fear.

Seems like you’ve been put through the wringer, but it sounds like you’re on the mend. If you ever want to trade war stories hit me up :goat:

Well, sometimes you gotta hit rock bottom.
I may take you up on it and book a ride with you.



Thanks Sir Glen! I’ll order a flag this week.

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I hear ya! We can coordinate a time to ride through here (just set this up, so let me know if it doesn’t work for ya).