Best plan for weight loss post-injury

I sustained a knee injury following a triathlon in 2019 and it’s been a long, tough journey to get to a point I have been cleared to get back onto the bike and do any moderate level of exercise. Over the last 2 years of inactivity I’ve gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of fitness. I managed to finish the '21 ToS (reduced load, obv) to prove to myself I could do it and, after a week off, I’m now trying to make a decision on a plan to get myself back in shape and stay motivated. Not easy when I can see how much my performance has fallen off over the enforced break…

I do need to run (and swim, when the pools reopen) but am very limited in distance as my knee doesn’t appreciate too much load at the moment. Weight loss is the focus really so I was wondering whether anyone had any views on which plans might be the best option. I will more than likely go bespoke eventually but am holding back to see if my knee behaves itself and the pools will reopen any time soon.


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I guess slow steady progress is required for your knee and perhaps the same for your weight. Clearly as you can exercise more weight loss will be easier but I think weight loss is more about what, when and how much you eat. Sketch yourself a plan to lose weight and build up the exercise - a tricky balance - because obviously starving yourself will lose the weight but impact on ability to train and recover. I’ve not tried one myself but perhaps a custom plan might help you get started. There is some nutrition guidance the Suff site too. Good luck, see it as a longer term plan (aim for next year perhaps?) and donät give up!

Everything that I have read indicates that weight loss, especially if you wish to lose a large amount, is more about diet than exercise. Exercise can certainly help.

Sorry - should have been more specific. The diet is a given - you can’t out-exercise a bad diet! I will be calorie counting and aiming for a fairly steady 300kcal deficit based on my BMR with adjustments to my diet to split macronutrients evenly between protein, fat and carbs (this has worked well for me before - I struggle with hunger if I don’t keep my protein intake up). So, with that in mind, are there any suggestions regarding plan or is there little to choose between them.

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If you have the calories dialed in, the plan is up to you and your goals. A good mix of low and high intensity is all you need. The amount is up to you and your fitness/(racing?) goals.

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