Triathlon Plans and Swim Days

Any thoughts on how to best reorder workouts when I can’t hit the pool on a particular day? Or should I be good with just swapping out a similar intensity run or cycle session? With our covid mitigation’s pool time slots fill up fast right now. People stay up late on Saturday nights to book spots when they come available at midnight.

Also, completely unrelated to the original question but coming back from a surgery and have had limited ie about 3 bike sessions in the past 6 weeks. I’ve been running more and doing strength to offset but when I do my next 4DP I’m planning for a 15-20% decrease. That sound about right or am I selling myself short?

The short answer is go ahead and swim whenever you can get to the pool. I understand your situation, I’m in a similar boat. The triathlon plans were written with the intention of keeping consistency of each discipline high. I like to avoid having 2-3 days in between any particular discipline because we lose “feel” of the movements. But since circumstances like this are out of our control, we have to make due. As alternative options, my first choice would be to keep your bike and run sessions on the same day with your swims in between. Second choice- swim and bike on the same day and run on the days in between.

As for your second question, how much fitness you’ve lost in the past 6 weeks can depend a lot on how fit you were before the time off. If I were you, I’d throw expectations out the window and just go into the test with an open mind and positive attitude. Do the best you can and accept the results for what they are and move forward with the drive to improve and surpass your previous numbers. Because it really doesn’t matter how much you’ve lost, what matters is that you come back stronger! :slight_smile:

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