Bluetooth to Kickr Dropping out

Stage One 2 hours no issues start to finished
Stage Two no change from Stage One and 30 minutes in lost the Kickr wouldn’t come back up reverted to change gears and go by feel.

After that I factory reset my Surface only re-installed the system got everything working next morning no kickr. Note I ended up doing Stage 3 on my Android kickr was fine.

I had also moved my wifi and subsequently turned it off but still no kickr

Tonight after doing an outdoor ride I put the bike back on kickr start-up system and worked.

Is there another trick I have never lost connectivity to my kickr at all before this.

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Glad you were able to improvise and get it done. Also glad you had a back up device. I’d suggest you submit a ticket to the support minions so they can troubleshoot your specific circumstances.

Yah I guess I was just after some what has anyone else done. Today I had exact same setup as yesterday no issues at all on same PC for stage 4.

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