Bolt V2 companion app suggestion - Strava routes

After talking to Strava and friends, it appears there is no way to filter routes in Strava such that only certain routes push to the Bolt V2 computer.

Thinking out loud, a feature to check “only saved routes” or “only starred routes” would be great. The app and computer already can tell which routes are starred and which are not (but there seems to be no way to filter or hide routes). The goal being to have a large library of routes on Strava but only a select handful of routes to choose from on my Bolt V2.

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For the moment at least, you can sort by starred routes so the rest of your library gets hidden (at least that’s what it does on my ROAM v2.

If I want to see the rest, I just change it to sort A-Z or something else.

Here’s a pic sorted by stars (note there’s only 3)

Here’s a pic sorted A-Z (note there’s 28)

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Thank you! This will work and is what I have been looking for!! I tested it and it works. I did it on the app and it still pushed them all. When I sort on the Bolt it hides the non-starred routes.


Perfect. Glad to help!