Bolt v2 navigation issue

I loaded a Strava saved route. After circa 10 minutes it started sending me in loops like it got confused, sending me back to an imaginary loop. I didn’t do ‘take me to the start’, I was simply following the route.

I noticed that the route had a black chevron up to that point, and then it had a grey thick line.

Once home, I loaded other routes and they also have chevrons for an initial bit but then the chevrons become a grey line.

Is this normal? Isn’t the full route supposed to be shown with black chevrons?

What am I doing wrong?

That’s odd behaviour, I’ve never had anything like that on my Roam V1.

You’re right that the full route is black chevrons but…

A lot of my routes are a few miles which are covered in both directions and a large loop which makes up the bulk of the ride. On the way out I see black chevrons pointing in the right direction with a grey line underneath on the bit I cover twice, on the way home it’s just chevrons pointing in the right direction. On short out and back sections I see chevrons pointing in both directions (messy), so I assume you only get chevrons for a certain (dynamically updated but quite long) distance in front of you.

If you look at the route in the list of routes on the Bolt does it show with the expected length or has that gone crazy too?

I’m afraid I don’t have real advice on what the fix is - I use a free Kommot account to make my routes which I find much better than the Strava route planner. Perhaps try making route on Kommot and see if that goes crazy too? At least then you may get a clue if it’s a Bolt problem or a Strava/Bolt problem.

The length and all the data looks fine, maybe it’s dynamically updated to show the chevrons for a bit only? And maybe the issue was a stand alone glitch? Will test it tomorrow with a test route and report back.

For what its worth, i dont find strava routes and the Wahoo computers (Roam 1 in my case) work as well as they could, i dont get any turn by turn guidance. What I usually do is upload the route (after downloading the strava GPX) in to komoot and sync to the Roam from the komoot version and then it gives full turn by turn directions - dont know if this will help your issues but works much better for me.

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I had this happen once during an early beta of the ROAM 2, though I was using the ROAM’s on-device routing rather than a Strava route. Haven’t seen it since. I think there need to be several very specific conditions for it to occur because I was never able to reproduce it after that single instance. Let us know if it happens again, if it does, perhaps sending your route GPX file to Wahoo support and providing them as much detail as possible would be a good idea.

Quick update, I tested two routes that I know very well, 1h each, so not too long, but the navigation worked fine. Not sure what happened with my other ride. Will try a few more longer ones and see what happens.

All these rides are saved Strava routes. I find this to be a quick and easy way of syncing, but I want to check out Komoot as it seems a good app.

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Good news! Great that it’s working, hopefully just an oddity with the first route.

I normally use Kommot via the website rather than the app and am very happy with the routes it creates.

I have to say that I am really liking the Bolt v2 coming from a v1, better in every way. I assumed it would only be a colour version of a v1, but boy was I wrong.

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