Bolt V2 not showing maps indoors (searching gps)

hi there.
sorry for the noob question.
I synchd some routes to the Bolt and when i select it doesnt show the map while indoors. is this normal? do i have to be outdoors and connected to the GPS?

Do you have the map for the country/region/area downloaded and installed on your BoltV2?
Do you have the map page selected in the Companion App?

hmmm. i did update them on the wahoo app. now im not sure if they are synched to the bolt. i do see the names of the routes i have created on komoot.
i thought the maps will be automatically synched (like Europe for ex) after i updated in the app… …or do i have to do anything? so, the maps should be visible indoors?

the maps should be visible indoors, if the map is installed on the BOLT.

You can see what maps you’ve got installed when both the BOLT and CA are open, you can scroll down the settings screen in the CA, to where it says “Manage maps”, it will then say what maps you’ve got on yours. Mine shows United States (with an arrow that provides details on which states) and North America (with an arrow to show which countries).

If you have the maps installed, and they are not showing up when you look at a route, then make sure you have the “Map” page selected under “Pages” in the CA, otherwise it won’t show it to you on the BOLT. Hope this makes sense.

Glen, thanks a lot for helping.
yes, i have all the maps in Germany downloaded and up to date. also the “maps” switch is on. I still dont get the maps and its only showing “searching gps”.
…this is weird…

Can you try it near a window so you can pick up a signal?

Just went out in the balcony but no signal…I will go out tomorrow.morning and have it connected to a GPS… I still think that should at least show the maps as it has nothing to do with a GPS connection…

Thanks again

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This is pretty basic but do you have the most recent firmware for both the CA and for the BOLT and have you turned off both and restarted. ?

Hi Glen,
i just went out and let the GPS connect. Then everything falls into place.
weird thou, it seems that it needs to have a first GPS connection to trigger the maps. now i can even see indoors (well, it seems that the GPS still connected).
thanks a lot for helping


Glen, i will abuse your help one more time :slight_smile:
i found the brightness of the display not so bright. is this normal on the Bolt V2?
i´ve watched some youtube videos and it seems brighter there but i think that the ambient light plays a big role. so i think i cant get so bright as a smartphone right?

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I have the ROAM2 so can’t say for certain but my experience with it outdoors it’s perfectly readable in all light conditions from super sunny to overcast and raining. I’ve also found the backlight more than sufficient for the odd pre-Dawn or dusk/night rides. I actually find it easier to read outdoors though where I live that’s a short season that is still a couple months away :snowflake::cold_face:

yep. Just did a couple of rides and the display is really good. My eyes thou need some glasses :stuck_out_tongue:
i loved the next turn distance showing up but its way to small

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I’m considering some Tifosi myself. Others swear by them.

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If you can get inserts or lens these are fantastic glasses. I couldn’t.

I just need readers so these would be fine for me. I’ve heard only good things.