Bolt - Turn by turn not loading

I use RidewithGPS to plan my routes and then send them to my Bolt but lately I see the turn by turn is not loading with them. Is this a space issue? And if it is how do I clear up space? My unit is getting pretty old and I’ve never gone through and tried to delete anything. All of my RWGPS routes show up, as do my rides. Some routes do show the turn by turn, even a small one I created a few weeks ago, but none of the long routes have it and those are the ones that I really want. Even routes where I think I had it in the past no longer do, but I have multiple versions of some and maybe it was a different version.

How long are they? There’s an upper limit of 200k beyond which TBT will not work on Wahoo devices.

50-60 miles, with a lot of turns as they are urban routes. I saw the 200k limit somewhere and that wasn’t it. I also read somewhere that maps must be up to date for it to work, but some routes work, others don’t, and I’m just thinking it is a space issue.

If I’m using RWGPS to create and store them, do they always all sync? If I did a factory reset to clear everything and they all re-sync’ed I’d be back to where I am.