Breakfast Ideas (Oatmeal/Porridge is getting old)

Looking for quick healthy breakfast ideas for week days. My usual bowl of oatmeal/hot multi grain/museli/granola with fresh seasonal fruit is getting stale/unappetizing and my body is saying no more.

What do all of you eat when this happens and you don’t have time to spend hours on weekly meal prepping or cooking a breakfast from scratch every morning?

When I need a change of pace I will go to eggs on an English muffin. Pretty quick and does the trick for me.


What do you mean you body is saying no more? Is this a general breakfast or a pre early morning workout fuelling?

On the rare days I don’t have porridge, I’ll have

Smoked kippers (vac packed from the supermarket ones only takes 30secs to heat in the microwave) with shop bought wholemeal soda bread and my wife’s world champion award winning marmalade

Eggs or black pudding on toast/ english muffin

@ErickT Have you tried overnight oatmeal? What about switching up your grains - eg rolled to steel cut. I also use frozen and dried fruit so that I have a wider selection. Another idea is stirring in some cocoa powder.

I don’t eat eggs but a six minute soft egg in a pita with peppers and onions and hot sauce could be an option perhaps with a side of beans.

I sometimes make shakes or just eat a bowl of cereal post workout if I am feeling lazy.


Can’t finish it, thought of it makes stomach uncomfortable. M-F it’s my go to post workout breakfast to refuel and prep for the rest of the day (I do early morning workouts as that is the only time I can be consistent)

Yes, and Bob’s Red Mill Multigrain hot cereals… your pic is a lot like what I eat.

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Also this, though I will add a chicken sausage patty, slice of cheese, and hot sauce. Decent amount of protein.

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Slice of Sourdough with soft goat’s cheese (laser goats obviously), walnuts and honey.

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Not a big fan of sausage or at least I haven’t found one yet I like. I will put shredded corned beef on though if I have some.

In summer I do overnight oats. The rest of thebyear I do porridge.

Typically I add a scoop of protein powder to mine, and an egg (makes it very creamy). And then I change up the seasonal fruit. At the moment it’s the last of the autumnal pears from a friends orchard stewed with rhubarb from my garden. I add PBP on top (powdered peanut butter) sometimes.

My other quick and easy breakfast staple is a smoothie. Typically a couple of cubes of ice, protein scoop, collagen, a frozen banana if I have a big ride, and a bunch of frozen fruit. If you use frozen blueberries, try adding a tablespoon of raw cocoa powder, or use a chocolate protein powder. Sooooo good.

And scrambling eggs is as quick as making a smoothie or porridge. 3 eggs plus a half cup ofnwhites for me. I eat them on a pile of rocket or spinach. Add whatever hot sauce takes your fancy, I’m currently working my way through a bottle of smoked Halapeno sauce


My super quick go-tos involve wholemeal toast:

  1. Toast plus thick spread of almond butter plus sliced banana

  2. Toast plus avo (sliced not smashed🤪) and a healthy sprinkling of seeds (I keep a mix of sunflower, pepita and chia seeds), and a dash of lemon juice

  3. Toast plus spinach and baked beans


This thread is making me hungry! I’m a creature of habit - breakfast M-F is toast with cheese and seasonal fruit. Pre-ride is often a peanut butter with sliced banana sandwich. If I’m feeling adventurous on the weekends, may scramble some eggs or make a veggie omelette.

Please keep the ideas coming!

This time of year I like fresh berries, Greek yohurt with a topping of granola.

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A quick idea - bagels (I have frozen ones that I defrost overnight).

Toast them and then the possibilities are endless:

  • Peanut butter and Jam
  • Cream cheese + smoked salmon / capers
  • Ham & cheese & kimchi (sounds weird, super tasty)
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My usual breakfast, prepared the night before:

150ml of juice (a bit more than half a cup)
100g frozen “forest fruits” (a mix of red fruit, strawberries+raspberries etc)
125g pot of yoghourt (I usually use a strawberry yoghourt, but a plain one would probably be healthier)
4 tbsp of rolled oats.

Mix and leave overnight.

I eat leftovers for breakfast pretty often. I always make extra dinner so I have quick breakfast and lunch options.

A big batch of bulgur or farro in the fridge is a quick pair with eggs and sauteed vegetables and greens.

Black beans (also big batch cooked and kept in fridge) are tasty on rice or sweet potato (big batches again!) topped with egg or leftover meat.

These savory options help keep me from getting sick of porridge, smoothies, and protein pancakes.


I concurr with @DameCristy on the eggs being quick front. My favourite is probably Columbian style taught to me by a previous boss. A chopped onion, couple of chopped tomatoes. Pan fry them off till those onions are oh so perfect. Add your beaten eggs (I have 3 plus some whites) and scramble with LOTS of black pepper. Sooooo good. Only takes about 5 minutes to make if you’re efficient. Slightly longer if you’re really trying to caramalise the onions. I eat mine on top of a bowl of greens (spinach, rocket, whatever is in season)


My usual breakfast would be bread with either peanut butter and blueberry jam or butter with sugar or just cheese.
Whenever I do get bored of bread or biscuits, breakfast is usually 2 pieces bread with a fried egg or bread toast with cheese and that’s it.

Sometimes over the weekends, after my ride, I would prepare either 2 boiled eggs or 2 soft boiled eggs to go with cream crackers or bread.