Bug with Strava mileage from the Sufferfest

Every once in awhile, my Sufferfest sync to Strava will have 10x the appropriate mileage. For example, 93 miles instead of 9.3 miles. Accordingly, my reported speeds in Strava will also be 10x, for example 199 miles per hour instead of 19.9 miles per hour. Mildly amusing but also throws off some other tracking features in Strava.



@Mitochondriac Check your wheel size in the settings tab of the app. It is odd that it only happens occasionally. Maybe it could have something to do with your speed sensor as well if you have one.

I’d recommend contacting the minions about this.

I had this, you need to go into settings and change it to SUF Speed, that will rectify it. That’s what the Minions told me.

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