Bug with computed Speed in latest version

Hi team,

I just updated the Sufferfest Windows Desktop Soft to the latest version (got a pop-up 2 hours ago),
and completed a workout. However during the workout the speed data was completely wrong, jumping between 110 and 221 km/h, as you can see in the screen below

The power data was coherent, and the speed must be computed by the Sufferfest software, it’s not the trainer’s fault. Just wanted to bring it to your attention, let me know if you need some additional data points.

Looking forward to the next big updates as well,

Thanks in advance.

Hmm looks odd.
In my last workout, speed was as expected, not that i care about.
This workout was done after the latest update and i always make sure my sensors are correctly detected and connected, except the speed where i put on the virtual sufferfest speed.

Same thing happened to me today. First time in over three months of using the app. I’m on Windows, on the latest version. Tacx trainer connected via BT. In my case, I think the values are double the real ones.

Looks like your speed trace has some kind of instantaneous regular dropouts all the way through too (those vertical lines). Before I start a workout I always check that speed is set to SUF calculated speed rather than my trainer speed. I’ve notice sometimes that the App randomly changes the speed setting back to trainer speed, so I have to re-select SUF speed before starting. Maybe this is what happened here? Trainer speed doesn’t correlate at all with SUF speed, especially in ERG mode.