Workout time wrong in Strava

I noticed, just recently, that my times are off when syncing SYSTM workouts to Strava. Not off as in time zones, but duration is misreporting. And it’s only Strava, my sync to Garmin is working fine.

For example, I do “The Amazing Chase”, which is listed as 33:45. I do that and on my Calendar is shows 33:45. It syncs to Garmin and Garmin shows that ride as 33:45. But when it syncs to Strava it shows there as 37:25.

Not a huge deal, but over the week with some longer rides this is accumulating to where SYSTM and Garmin show I rode 8h57m and Strava shows I rode 9h22m.

And of course it’s just easier for me to use Strava for tracking total time for some of my goals as I have other things syncing there too and this is throwing it off.

Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Have you paused the vid at all? I only ask cuz in the past, if I “started” the vid then paused to get everything set up, then hit play, the total time reported varies depending on where it shows up. Some include the pause, others don’t.


That’s a good thought, as some rides show a discrepancy and some do not. Sometimes I do pause to refill my water, etc. I’ll test this out on my ride tomorrow and update here. Thanks!

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I tested that out with a 15 second pause today, and sure enough Strava showed 15 seconds longer than SYSTM, so good guess and thanks!


Can this be prevented so it does not show elapsed time when you are on a break, e.g. having to have a pee?

Hey @Patrick_Cleary and welcome to the forums! I’m not sure that can be prevented because that is precisely what elapsed time is. Strava will show moving time and elapsed time, so whether you are outdoors or in, the elapsed time is the time from when the recording started, to when it has stopped.

I’d rather see the full elapsed time than do what the pro’s do (that is, pee off the side of the bike :joy: :rofl:)

The real “issue” is that unlike outdoor rides, Strava doesn’t seem to be able determine moving time on indoor rides and thus average stats. This may relate to zwift rides where people pretend they’re biking down a long descent while actually they’re just sitting on a bike at home not doing anything at all. If you care about average speed, that has to be considered. For us, we probably only care about average power during time spent pedaling. Still it seems like they could just use virtual speed and apply a threshold as usual, and it would get close enough, EXCEPT actual SYSTM pauses don’t report any speed during the pause.

Fit has a protocol for reporting pauses explicitly, but I don’t know if SYSTM is using that either, or if it did if Strava would honor it on virtual rides. If the answers are no and yes, then there is a fix available to Wahoo even without contacting Strava.