I’m sure it’s a niche question, but as I was trying not to die meditating on a smooth pedal stroke I got to wondering whether @David.McQuillen.KoS had to get a frying pan & butter out (and I’m sure the outtakes are something else), or whether there is, somewhere, stock footage of a melting smiley face in a frying pan and who on earth thought this would be worth filming in HD just in case someone needs it?


Ha, I’ve often wondered the same thing!

Not sure if that link works but if you search for the curiosity questions in the search bar you should find it. Post by David saying they use stock videos, I always wondered before especially when the door to door salesman turns up with the tray of donuts!


Bit of digging…


I’ve just finished Butter on my new intermediate road plan.

Have they made it harder?

I don’t remember hurting that much, that early before… :grimacing:


From another thread (that I don’t recall) I ended up on this link. The thing that struck me was the recommendation NOT to do Butter on erg mode. That surprised me. Butter seemed like the type of workout to do in erg mode being that it’s MAP/FTP focused, not AC or NM focused at all. Can anyone provide any info why this would be? I’m curious. I’ve done it both ways, but mostly because I had no choice the first 2 times when I was still using my dumb trainer. The last couple I had no idea, so I did it in erg mode which seemed reasonable based on the workout profile and no comments in the workout itself on whether or not to use erg mode.



outch, first i hate butter (ther real butter itself, its real aversion) … so following the content itself was already challenging in between lol. The single intervals itself seem not to hard, but the third at the second set start hurting. Good workout to increase my mental thoughness and aversions… lol


Not I. It seems weird. Also, looking at the rest of the entry on the chart you referenced for Butter, it also seems wrong. First, its the only workout that completely doesn’t have the ERG box checked. The most typical Level mode workout, The Trick, says “Nope”–not just an unchecked box. Also, the Feeling Bad/Feeling Good columns (the last two), implicitly suggest that ERG mode is the default. They don’t make sense otherwise. So: I suspect it is a mistake, but would be happy to learn otherwise and why.

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