Curiosity questions about the videos

In many videos there is some non-cycling footage (e.g., the lab in FF, the workplace in GAWI, the newscaster in AVDP (right?), the doorbell guy in Power station, etc.) - where do those come from? Are they custom or stock footage?
Will future videos make use of Sir Neal and Sir Dylan (and maybe others’) acting skills?

Separately, Team Scream, such an awesome video, and just wondering about the power targets, relative to ones’s FTP how close are they to the relative actual power of the rider, e.g., the pulls at the front at 109%of FTP/86% of MAP for me. Is that approx what the BMC riders do for theirs?

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Cant answer the first part of the question. Actually Iv done AVDP many times and cannot remember a newscaster … I think its Power Stations… but I’m not actually seeing straight during AVDP so anything could pop up :slight_smile:!!!

For TTT, the more you read about what the pros do whilst staying in perfect formation the more impressed you become … and humbled !!!

they are absolute beasts. Pulls on the front can exceed 130% FTP … in terms of raw wattage for a pro this could be hitting 500+ Watts with “recovery” between 330 - 350. Difference between climbers and more power cyclists. Based on my Team Scream numbers its around 120% of FTP.

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I believe all yellow sections are a percentage of MAP, not FTP. Same for orange being percentage of AC and not FTP.

The doorbell person is power station, news reporter is ISLAGIATT!

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I think the news reporter appears half way through Mt Apocalypse!

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Yes, I forgot which video had mt Apocalypse… need a map of sufferlandria

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Those are all stock footage that we license and pull into the video. One section that is ABSOLUTELY NOT stock footage is the Laser Goats. That is true life, unedited and authentic footage of real life Laser Goats.

Oh, yes, you’ll be seeing more of those guys. Their agents are getting a little bit arrogant now, though. Asking for private dressing rooms, gourmet lunch breaks, private jets, etc. etc. Fame can get to some people you know…

Yep. @Coach.Mac.C – who raced in the World Championship TTT a few years back and was a member of the US National Team Pursuit Squad as well – designed that workout to exactly mimic what those riders were going through. We also have some other stuff coming early next year that will give you an ever better feeling for what it’s like. Stay tuned.