Mashups - share your recipes

Inspired by something that came up in conversation between a few crusty old Sufferlandrians the other day…

Mashups. Love 'em :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: or hate 'em :angry:?

And if you could build a mashup what would you throw in the mix and what would you call it?

I’ll start with a simple one (to remind Sir David McQuillen of a memorably retched day during ToS’18 if nothing else :butter::coffee::nauseated_face:) : Butter + Revolver = Butter Shots

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How about the Fixer Upper? An assortment of tools, butter and chores.


The Best Rookie Fights!


Trick shot. The trick with extra shot at reduced intensity after to help work your aerobic system. I’ve done it a couple of times and seems to work well.


Creatures of The Night? Blend of The Bat, some Mole grips and AVDP. Regional variation may apply.


Love em or hate em …

I’m somewhere in the middle. If it’s a mashup of complete crushing then it’s a bit ‘meh’. If it’s ‘doable’ then it saves me picking two videos and occasionally encourages me to work a bit harder and then I love it.

The other day i did Long Scream and Team Scream. It was brutal. I called it “It Screamed like a good idea at the time trial” :laughing: :scream:


After having just completed Stage 7 of this year’s Tour of Sufferlandria, I think that Attack & Defend would make for an excellent mash-up. Put the 4 10-minute stages in between the 5 6-minute intervals for Attacker…

Not sure how long the rest intervals would be… 1 min (like Attacker), 3 mins (like Defender) or make a giant 16-minute interval with no rest?


If I made that mashup the rest intervals would be the whole thing (this is a post-stage 7 time sensitive comment) :wink: