I am using a H3 trainer and the cadence “lags” and as I speed up the cadence drops to 60- 70 rpm before starting to rise slowly. Does this happen to anyone else?

I’m pretty sure the H3 - much like the Tacx Flux S I use - doesn’t directly sense cadence but instead tries to figure it out based on the shape of the speed/power curve the trainer sees.

The Flux S usually does an OK job with cadence but completely falls apart on things like “Cadence Builds” workout.

I actually came to the forums this morning to start looking for this topic and to see if there were recommendations for a Bluetooth cadence sensor that was accurate at high RPM and updates quickly.

I’m perfectly happy with my Wahoo cadence sensor. I have it on the bottom strap of my shoe which is convenient and means it moves from bike to bike with me.

When I first got my Elemnt Roam I already had an old cateye computer with a wired cadence sensor on the crank. I ran them both for a while and the cadence figures were identical.


@JohnK @LRoy Same for me - I have a few Wahoo cadence sensors for indoor and outdoor cycling shoes and my wife has one too for her bike. I find that once they are on a MTB shoe and get dirty they are tough to get off so I bought a separate sensor for my road shoes. You can also add them to the crank and I think they might actually perform better there especially during low cadence efforts. Overall I am please with their performance when using the both app and the Wahoo Element Bolt head unit for outside rides. I have also used them with a Suunto Spartan watch as well and had no issues.

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I’m sold. Wahoo Cadence sensor ordered, ETA is tomorrow.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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I found a garmin speed/cadence sensor in my bin of bike parts, just installed it. I’ll see how it works later

Yes, same for me on the H3. I use a different sensor for cadence because of it. As somebody else said, it doesn’t directly watch the cadence, just guesses based on power output vs how that would looks with a pedal stroke. So when transitioning from high to lower power it can’t “see” those changes.

Just following up - I did order and receive a Wahoo cadence sensor.

Speaking technically - it’s about a bajillion times better than the readings from my Flux S, especially at higher RPM.

I’m not thrilled about having yet another widget that’ll need batteries, but there’s a lot less frustration there then watching obviously wrong cadence readings.

thanks again!


I’ve used my Wahoo cadence sensor for over 2 years. I’ve only replaced the battery once. I like it better than my Kickr core’s cadence sensor for a number of reasons.


Ya, I do the same. The Kickr 5’s core cadence sensor is very erratic, many times gives me +115rpp when I am only at around 90! It would be nice to have this bug fixed

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