Calendar default at 'today'

Just a little request. Everytime I open my calendar, it opens on the first day/week of the month. Would it be possible to have it open to the present week instead? If I need to look for upcoming workouts, I need to scroll down to the present week everytime, while past weeks are of little interest.


Just to make sure we’re on the same page: Are you talking about the Mac/Windows application?
Sorry, I can only check the behaviour on Mac myself this afternoon.

My iOS calendar on mobile, though, already mirrors the exact function you describe.

It’s the Windows application. Forgot to mention that.

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Hi Arne - could be worth adding a vote to this link so we keep it together - I think it’s effectively the same thing

(I only know about that as back when we were in Facebook there was a long thread on how we wanted to improve this first iteration of the calendar - I know it’s on the list)

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I seem to have missed that thread. Will do!

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That’s odd! This is how my app on the Mac opens every time.

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This gets my vote. Not a big deal but it is a bit of a nuisance.

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It works like that on the home screen, but the ‘calendar’ tab always opens on the first week of the month, not the current week. So you have to scroll down once the first week has passed.