Change 1st day if the week in calendar


is it possible to change the first day of the week in the app calendar? If not would be really great to have that option.

Welcome to the forums @mansour_SUF !

I don’t believe there is a way to change that atm.

I personally like having Monday at the start, but I’m sure you’re not alone.

I’ve moved this to Feature Requests :slight_smile:


Hi Glen,

Thanks for the response and the welcoming remarks :slight_smile:
I prefer to have the first day of the plan as the first day of the calendar :), also my week starts on sunday :slight_smile:


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You can make your plan start on any day you choose. The default is to start on Monday but there’s no reason not to have your plan start any day you like. The calendar itself though, at least at this time, is not configurable.

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