Graphic bug/ error in calendar graphic

Hi I’m running on MAC OS SUFF v6.17.0, when i open my calendar, click on the day’s workout the Icon showing the “feature footage” is broken., when i open the same video from the workout library, no such problem occurs!

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Same here. I never noticed this. I do not scroll down that far to view an upcoming workout, so never would have noticed

I’m also finding that once workout completed will not update in calendar on my iPad but will on my iPhone, I have to Mark them manually on iPad.

I’m now seeing this on all my workouts, as well. @JC2020 Have you sent a note to the minions?

The calendar on iPad is just a web page shown in the application window. There is a refresh button in the top right corner - tap it and you’ll see your workout auto-completed actually.

Though it surely makes sense for the app to auto-update that page when the user finishes the workouts.

I understand that, but even after refresh it does not site the completed workout while it does on iPhone

Hm, I’m sorry then.
Cannot reproduce such bug myself.