Calendar improvements and integration

@JSampson thx for the reply, that clears things up. Looking forward to that new platform.

Today on the iOS calendar, I stopped a workout in my plan after just a few seconds to fix a connectivity issue. I had to completely exit the app and, when I returned, it showed the workout as completed and in orange.

Completed workouts don’t show coach’s notes or which quadrants were reduced in intensity and to what degree. I did the workout at 100%, straight from the video list.

Please add an option to “completed” workouts to be able to mark them “undone” and returned to their original state, so riders can start over with the appropriate coach’s notes and mods. Thanks!


Hey Alex, when this happens I usually delete the workout from the completed list and the calendar reverts back allowing me to launch the workout at whatever intensity the coaches assigned.

Thanks for the tip, Erick. :relaxed::v::biking_woman:

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Just delete the sessions you don’t want and add those that you do…simples!