Calendar improvements and integration

Show the FTP line on the calendar view and the TSS/IF just as it appears in the workout menu. Calendar could also suggest alternate workouts, with a similar 4DP focus.

Calendar to integrate rides done outdoors form Garmin to track TSS/week, etc. Sufferfest is my favorite app by far but the calendar is the one area which I feel if improved could allow it to go up a level. TR for example has done a good job in this area and sufferfest is behind here.

I am doing the eracing plan and its frustrating I cant load completed races into the plan and see how the TSS racks up etc. I use so many apps at the minute and Sufferfest is where i’d prefer to see all this data. Starva is poor for this as their weighted power is IMO rubbish and free training peaks is limited, so there opportunity here to have Sufferfest as the primary place to log your training

It would also be great if outdoor alternatives were listed and could be uploaded to garmin, etc. Sometimes its nice to take advantage of the limited good weather here, but don’t want to miss the quality sessions.


I agree that calendar needs improvement but these are a lot of stuff that needs to be done.

If you are looking for a place to gather all your rides’ data, try Golden Cheetah.
It may seem complicated at start, but once you set it up, you will (probably) adore it.

Yes it is really bad, you can’t block days like I can’t train on Sundays, but it is impossible to block the Sunday. They say that you can use another starting day, so the bulk of the training would be on another day but that isn’t true. They think that every one is a pro and have all the time in the world


i’d like to see the TSS computed for everyone’s unique 4DP. If your MAP/AC/NM is less than ‘normal’ compared to your FTP, the predicted TSS is greater than the actual TSS. That is fine and correct, but it would be great to see the actual TSS target in the workout / calendar…


It would be good to have some metrics as well in order to keep track of our training, something like Fitness, Fatigue and Form (or CTL, ATL and TSB), having calculated the TSS.


I think this is a big weakness in the calendar. I would really like to be able to see at a glance which days will be hard, which are medium and which ones are easy. Maybe the Sufferfest team thinks this is obvious to users, because they know all the workouts. But I end up taking a lot of time looking up each workout every time I look at training plans, trying to understand the training weeks.

I think if the Sufferest team could color code the calendar (something like red/yellow/green for hard/medium/easy) workouts, would make it easier to visualize my training week or training month. Or simply add TSS/IF as Craig_Alex_Avery suggested. I might want to plan for big days, like 9H, or adjust my schedule based on how my recovery is going.


Hi there. It is definitely an option to start or end a plan (at least the ones I’ve used) on a different day, which could mean that what one person sees on a Saturday, would then become any other day of the week, depending on our preference. Doesn’t make it perfect but it is an option. Which plan were you unable to do that with @Bowie70 and we can help if possible.

The only thing I’d like to see change in the calendar, and I’m not quite sure how tough it would be, is to implement drag & drop for the workouts.

It worked like that when we had to use Final Surge etc for choosing and following a training plan and was a joy to move workouts around. The current method is a wee bit clunky.



Drag and Drop would be really helpful!


a lot of training programs are like that. I have had the add a set of training on platform X I want me start day monday, rest day thurs/sun but they don’t layout like that so you have to open all the workouts and move them. It would be great if they could take more input before the push the entries.


a better blend of indoor/outdoor would be great and should fit to Wahoo since they are in “both worlds”. My “simple” think with calendar is when I click “today” up top…why doesn’t it scroll me to today. I hate that it always just shows the whole month at the top, I want my “things to do today”


Agree. It would be helpful if the calendar defaulted to the current training.

No that does not work, If you combine this training with, for example yoga and fitness, the whole week got planned. I have tried over and over again. It is very simple the planner should ask you on which day in the week you want to train and then plan the training according to those days.


The drag and drop feature could help users quickly fix their plans to better suit their schedule. This is long overdue. Can’t believe this and the Android app aren’t out. Doesn’t seem all that complicated, especially compared to the stuff TR is doing.


I’d also like to be able to add activities to the calendar. Or better yet, build your own plan, with the ability to reduce targets on specific days.

I want to follow the rough outline of the KoS training plan, in terms of volume and intensity, but substitute in some videos I haven’t ridden yet, so that I can decide on a list for the knighthood attempt. I can create notes elsewhere and launch videos from the videos tab, but it would be a nice convenience to customize my calendar instead.


Totally agree. I‘d also be happy if I could import plans from Training Peaks. The customized plans are delivered to TP, so importing them into SUF‘s calendar and have the plan there would be handy.


You could build a plan / alter the plan in Training Peaks. The SUF workout library is available there, so you can choose the plan and exchange workouts - but you can‘t neither change the workouts themself nor import them into SUF‘s calendar. Cheers

The calendar is a very uncomfortable tool atm. I have to “rebuild” my training plan in TrainingPeaks and then move my trainingdays to accomodate my weekly schedule. The minions are really helpful, most of the trainingplans are available if you ask them via E-Mail, but then you have to adjust them, because TrainingPeaks SUF plans are no longer up to date with the SUF-App plans. So all in all its far from streamlined and the precious time one has is wasted by micromanagment.

So my third plea since you stopped the coop with TP. Do something about the calendar before the next winter comes.
If you want people to really stick with the SUF calendar, then you need to crank up the functionality big time.

If you do not implent a seamleass Training Peaks connection all the way, then at least implement the following:
Move, drag and drop sessions manually.
Add sessions manually.
Export and import to and from TrainingPeaks or similar platforms at least iCal.

A normal working person like me wants to use his precious time on training and not fiddling around with 2 or more different tools to get the weekly training and lifeschedule sorted.

Thanks and kind regards.


I may be wrong but I thought the issue with TP integration was at TP’s end. If I haven’t made that up, that issue may never be resolved.

I agree that drag-and-drop should be a feature of the calendar, though.

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@Chrigu_F They are working on a new platform that will include more functions in the calendar.