Add features when viewing workout from Calendar page

I’m using Windows/OSX Sufferfest software and noticed that when loading a workout from the Calendar page you get far less information than opening from Workouts page.

Information that would be of value includes the: TSS / IF values for the workout, especially if a training plan has adjusted the settings. Also, there’s a “Category” field label which never has a value.

Another super helpful feature would be to add a way to download from this screen. Buffering issues are not uncommon, but it’s a burden to have to go to Workouts page and search for the workout in order to download and then flip back to calendar to launch (necessary if targets are adjusted).

agree on the ability to download the workout (also see if it’s already downloaded) from the training plan/calendar!

Another vote for this feature.

Being able to see TSS planned for each workout and week would be really useful. When I was a trainerroad user I found that information invaluable.


I like the idea of integrating more of the already available information on the screen in question. +1 for this. I strongly believe this request is already in the works and will be revealed soon-ish (Disclaimer: I have no inside knowledge, it’s just a hunch).

Please keep in mind that the SUF aproach is a bit different. Try reading: What IF and TSS Mean in a 4DP World – The Sufferfest. I somehow doubt the team will lean heavier on this concept of training.

An option to download from the calendar would be great.

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I was thinking about a rolling download ability.

IE. Tomorrow is the first day of a new plan and it’s Revolver. The night before, it downloads the video. After you complete the day’s ride, it removes the video and downloads the next day’s, and so on.

A quick bump for this thread - mainly becuase being able to download directly from the Calendar page would be great, but being able to see from the calendar page if a workout is already downloaded would be awesome. A small icon, different coloured surround, whatever.