Adding time and TSS to calendar for outdoor workouts

I have outside rides on my workout program and I see a space to add time and TSS to the calendar. Can someone lead me to the instructions as to how to load this numbers after I complete an outdoor workout.


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I recommend trying out if you are logging your data through strava it will provide you with your workout data automatically.

I’m not sure if you can import your future workout program to plan your training, but it works well for analyzing completed work.


Agreed - I have also been using for a few weeks. It helps to have a descent amount of historical data in Strava so can provide more insight. Overall I am pleased. I don’t see a way to import future SUF training but I don’t think it is necessary as it really just provides current form and looks out a few days to show where the trend line will go if you don’t do additional training.

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It would be nice if SUF listed some guide for TSS on the outdoor workouts (maybe even IF, or what they assume for IF). In my case this is for pre-season MTB. I suppose we could calculate it ourselves - but perhaps outdoor workouts could be listed in the list of all other workouts, along with recommended characteristics (TSS/IF), letting us look this up as we do for other workouts in our calendar.