Can excessive stretching cause cramping?

I’ll start by stating (1) I like stretching. I typically spend 3 to 4 hours a week at it. And (2) I often experience inner thigh cramping several hours after a 4+ hour ride, along with random hamstring cramps that don’t seem to be related to anything.

This summer I seem to have completely lost interest in stretching and I’ve noticed much less cramping both in frequency as well as intensity. However, on Sunday I did just a few very light intensity hamstring and groin stretches and after my 2hr ride Monday I experienced the inner thigh cramps and Tuesday I’m getting the random hamstring cramps.

Take a look at your hydration plan. Are you drinking enough fluids and are you taking on enough electrolytes? You would be surprised as to the amount of salts you need to stay properly hydrated. I recommend looking over this vital area.

Yes this. I generally add a small amount of carbs (gluc/fruc) and salts (sodium citrate) as they are effective cotransporters and get the fluid into the body better than water/salt/ or carbs in isolation

Remember to add some potassium and magnesium as well. Both are really necessary. There is a YouTube video on the salts triad. It has proved very informative as I’m on a blood pressure drug that loves to mess with potassium levels. It can and has caused vertigo. That was definitely NO fun and not the type of Suffering that anyone endorses.