Can I see what mode my trainer was in for workouts in SYSTM?

My setup: Wahoo Kickr Snap, Wahoo SYSTM, Polar H10 HRM

After doing my first Half Monty last weekend, I noticed the power target on my usual ride (Open 40) was “clamped” at 108 Watts (whereas before it was 90-something, and I just ignored it and rode at my own HR target). I knew this was going to happen, but didn’t realize it would affect my level of exertion on the workout compared to how it felt before.

I’ve been tracking my Watts-to-HR ratio on Open 40 for the past 11 weeks, but with the change in power target my metrics are a bit different.

Were my rides pre-Half Monty in Level mode? Prior to taking the ramp test I just kept all the defaults in my Athlete Profile and didn’t change the modes for any of the workouts.

I read somewhere that the default mode when you turn on a Kickr is Level-mode at “2”. Is there a way to see in the Calendar or elsewhere what mode my Kickr was in for a given workout?


@thomaslee Well if you DON’T have power smoothing turned on at the trainer and in SUFF/SYSTM you can easily tell by looking at your power graphs.

(and you should absolutely turn off power smoothing. It’s pointless and robs you of some good feedback).

If your graphs look relatively calm, you were in ERG mode. If they look like a psychopath was hooked up to a lie detector, you were in level mode.


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Have a look at your cadence too, especially as you transition between intervals, it will like change a fist bit as you change gear in level mode but be a lot more consistent in erg.

ie this was Suf Idol. I put it in level for the sprints, you can tell where from the cadence changes, it’s a lot more consistent when I’m in erg.