Carrying on After Completing Training

If I finish a workout, but maybe I want to go to a full hour when the workout was only 50 minutes, can I do this and have it part of the same session? Or do I need to start up a different session and then have two activities synced to Strava?


The easiest way is to pause the video before it reaches the end then move the playhead back to earlier in the video. I do it quite often if I want a slightly longer cool down.

If you’re wanting something longer you could re-run the warm up or just mess about with the intensity settings. Once you’ve had enough either let the video run to the end or click “finish workout”.

Hope this helps.

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Okay, thanks, kind of a work around. Makes sense though.

Maybe they will add some kind of ‘free ride’ button as an option in the future.

I just click on the resume workout button on the end of workout popup.


On PC, that resumes for a split second and then the popup returns.

Yes, you still need to drag the playhead backwards. I find it just as easy to hit spacebar to pause playback.

If a “free ride” button existed, what would you expect it to do? Carry on running with a black screen, no music and power set at the level the workout finished or something else? Maybe somehow jump into say “Open 15”. There is this thread suggesting a workout “playlist” function which would achieve something similar:


I like to keep my workouts as intended so I can compare like with like. I do not like a 55-59 min workout, it has to be 60 mins. I save the workout and go into open 30 or something to get nice round numbers

I guess why not have that option? Have it just carrying on at the level you finished, but with a drop down to select a new workout, or a playlist that you already defined :+1:

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Sounds good! :+1:

Great feature suggestion for a workout playlist. At least allow the workout to continue in level mode at the ending effort level so we can continue recording a cool down spin. Or even allow selection of starting a different workout without having to stop.

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When I do this, I record both workouts as one ride on my Garmin. That way, I avoid spamming my friends.

I’m still waiting for the playlist function where we can pre-schedule multiple workouts and have them run back-to-back without having to manually stop and save the one and then start the next and wait for all my devices to reconnect. Then I can have all my cool down “recovery spin” workouts pre-scheduled.

…and do next year’s KoS without the breaks!

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Oof. I did my first with shorter breaks of closer to 5 minutes for most of them. But I’m not sure I would skip them entirely. Lol. But the playlist feature would definitely help reduce the technical issues between videos.