How to jump or move around to a different point in a workout

Coming from years of TrainerRoad . . . I can’t figure out how or if you can start or move to a different part of a workout. I tried moving the mouse to the part I want to jump to but nothing happens.

-I’m trying to dial in a PC stick that randomly reboots and need to jump back into my workout.

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You have to pause the workout, then grab the index line and forward/reverse to where you want it.

It doesn’t seem to work if the video is active.

ha haa, just found that. I think I was panicking when I tried to restart.


Is there a way to resume a workout that crashed?

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I don’t think so.

I think the app will recognize that there was a workout underway and ask if you want to save it, but I don’t think it gives you a ‘restart’ option.

Do you know what is making your system unstable?

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PC stick is overheating. It was working fine before I reloaded Windows 11.


Maybe it needs a Headwind! :slight_smile: