Celebrate Change

So I noticed today that both the iOs app and Windows app have gone from 7.2.2, to 7.5.0

a) The is nothing here about that release
b) The only way that I could find out what has changed was the Apple Store
c) The app store just states “various bug fixes and peformance enhancements”

I understand that you don’t want to list details, but no clue as to what might be fixed is a little frustating, I hated TR “under the hood fixes”, that’s not a release note, and Zwift’s details findings were meaning less to me, unless I had a specific, but it would be nice to know if streaming performance has been improved, blue tooth e.t.c

I understand that you might not want to do this if no new features are added (like in this release) , but just giving the users some feeling that work is being done, makes us feel involved

Even the release notes on the Systm web site are out of date (7.2.1)

PS … Nice to see an improved release cycle, here’s to the future


It’s really bad habit to provide just completely generic marketing driven statements like “general stability and performance improvements” instead of proper release notes. In my opinion this is also a sign of a lack of respect for the customer. I’m pretty sure that wahoo’s engineers use some kinde of issue tracking. So please post proper release notes.


Hey @PedalMonkey and @kah . Was surfing the web and see that proper release notes have since been added https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/sections/4408416236178-App-Updates-and-Release-Notes


Can somebody at Wahoo please poke a Minion and ask them to update the release notes?

Windows notes haven’t been updated since May and 7.32 - I’m on 7.40 so who knows what has changed / improved.

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I’ve been known to poke a minion or two. Submit a ticket, light a fire, and Bob’s your uncle :slight_smile: