What was fixed?

V7.15.0 has been released on iOS (phone only, not iPad). Very little information and nothing on the support pages at all

Anyone care to guess what’s been fixed?

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Update to 7.15.0 also on Mac OS today.

Take a look around. You might be pleasantly surprised. That’s all I can say.

Well, I moved a workout on the calendar, and I still had to click off and then back on to see the calendar updated. So what changed? The change notes should not force me to guess, or to experiment.

Still no passport. heavy sigh.



Windows just updated to 7.15 and I’ve been looking around… I can’t see anything new.

Still no passport, viewing an activity or sorting by date last ridden still missing. Still can’t see number of times ridden.

For all the threads from Wahoo asking for feature suggestions on here, we might as well stick our heads in a bucket and shout them there for all the good they do.

Why the secrecy?

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Thats was about as helpful as a choclate fireplace, it was a genuine question, and this “empty release notes” has been brought up several times, if you do a release but nobody knows what was in it, or what has changed, was it realy a release


Weird image. Bad for heating, but unparalleled for s’mores


Wait so is the fireplace MADE of chocolate? or is it specifically designated for USE with chocolate? Because that seems extravagant, but would certainly be helpful? And a fireplace composed of chocolate would be delightful. At least once.



I think the usual phrase is “as useful as a chocolate fireguard”, although the word teapot is also interjected

Basically “useless”


The Changelog always lags slightly behind but is updated for 7.15.0 now:

SYSTM for Android/iOS/Windows/Mac 7.15.0 - 11 January, 2022

    Updated: Calendar to remain on the current week after rescheduling a workout
    Improved: Bluetooth connection for Stages SB20 bikes
    Added: Privacy Policy messaging on More menu

So over two months after the launch of Systm, there’s development time / resources to add a Privacy Policy but still no Passport or even Date Last Ridden against a workout? Is somebody having a laugh?


@Harpoon you nailed it. One thing I suggested would be super easy to do. It falls in line with other similar suggestions. I know it is easy because they already compile the data for every individual subscriber.

Add an option to the FILTERS that offers Ridden or Not Ridden.

They have this functionality on their page “How Do I Earn Badges/Achievements and Check My Progress?”. If you log in it tells you by category how many of them you have ridden and lists every video in that category and shows either a check mark showing you have ridden it or a circle with a red line through it indicating you have NOT.

This has to be the simplest feature add of all time. They have the data, they compile the data and they can display it. Now tie that dB to the Filters.

And yes, I have worked in software development, this should not be hard. Now if they developed them in two different platforms that can’t talk to each other, then I think it’s time to have a serious conversation with your CTO.

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Unless it is the CTO that is the problem.

“There is never time to do it right, but there is always time to do it again.”

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Apart from the “fancy” plan selector, the app is generally worse than the original Sufferfest app IMO :-/ And I’m not really a fan of the plan selector either, heh :stuck_out_tongue: Feels like too many Wahooligans, not enough Sufferlandrians around to get the real work done.


…and again. :grimacing:

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The time spent on this awful stepper could have better been spent to reimplement the missing features🙁

For me it broke sync. Updated yesterday on iPad Air 4 iPadOS 15.2 (latest). Annoying - completed Lac de Cap de long, click Save Workout, no sync pending message, calendar shows workout as if not completed.

That is so helpful. I had never dug that far into support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!