PC updates

Hey there,
I see there have been a few android updates, it’s easy to know when I need to update as my phone tells me. Is there any way to know when my PC version of SYSTM needs to be updated?

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It’ll automatically update (as long as you’re connected to the internet) and then pop up a message asking you to restart. There’s no manual way to check for updates.


Thanks James

That’s never happened for me ? I’ve always had to do a manual download of the new software for the PC and reinstall,

The only way I’ve known of the new version is due to the phone automatically updating and taking a note of the revision

This has never happened for me. I never got a request to restart.
Are we on Version 7.8.1 Build 1?

I checked my laptop today for the first time in three weeks. It’s on the latest version of the app and there was no notification to restart.

Auto-update worked for me up until 7.12 on PC, both with the new app and the SUF app previously. For whatever reason it will not auto-update now, so I’ll be downloading and installing the latest version as 7.12 appears to be a buggy mess in several respects.

Actually, just went to download the latest version from Wahoo’s site, and it’s also 7.12. Yet the release notes indicate that 7.13.1 is the latest version. What is going on? Why is the latest version not the one you download? And if the app is refusing to update by itself, how do I get the latest version?

And it’s laughable that the download speed is barely 10mbit from Wahoo. No wonder streaming issues are so prevalent.

Mine updated to 7.13.1, 1 week ago, have you contacted support

App servers are usually separate, and therefore are worked on independantly, and have different resources, are streaming issues still prevalent ?

7.13.1 seems to have been disabled on the PC due to problems

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.13.1 - 16 December, 2021*

    Updated Home Page content

    Removed link to Help Center from Awards page

    Minor UI updates

*This update is temporarily paused for Windows/Mac. New users and those on 7.12.0 or older will remain on 7.12.0 until further notice.

Yeah, looks like that note was added in the last day or two. It was the case for a week or so that 7.13.1 was “paused” before that note was added. 7.12 seems to be as problematic given my recent experiences. Decided to check things out on my laptop as well as my HTPC, and both computers are having issues with CPU utilization spiking and the program becoming really unresponsive for no discernible reason. Along with other issues I mentioned in other posts. The last couple releases have been a mess.