Century ride on trainer

Aiming to do a century on the trainer next week. I had planned to just repeat open 2h until I hit the mark while watching the day’s tdf stage but also would consider a plan that would include more curated workouts. Any experience with this type of masochism?

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I think (even with a TDF stage) you’ll get bored doing an open session given the lack of variations in power.

If i was doing this I’d consider doing two longer workouts like Cobbler & ISLAGIATT or ISLTA and dropping down the intensity to last the distance

I’ve done a few metric century rides and a full century ride on SUF. I did my full century using ISLTA and rewound it twice. think I did it at 80% or 85%, but also did it on level mode.

I also did a couple using Endurance+ and rewinding it, but it’s shorter and a no-vid and I don’t recommend it unless you do it in level mode and watch something else over top like the TDF.

I’ve done long rides in erg mode and they are not as fun - but I’ve done it. Usually my cadence start out around 80-85rpms and ends the ride around 55-60rpms for any ride over 2 hours. It’s much better to use level mode and choose a ride with plenty of variation. But if you are going to watch the TDF instead, then any long video ride will do and you can ride along in level mode. The longest no-vid on SUF is 4 hours: Tempo 2x25.

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Wow, you are a true masochist Sufferlandrian. A century on the trainer seems like good training for your Knighthood :wink:
And speaking of knighthood, I would almost treat this like a knighthood quest. I recommend mixing some SUF workouts at reduced intensities into your lineup with the Open 120 in order to get some power and cadence variation. Even if you’re watching the TDF, your body will actually feel better throughout the session if you vary the demands. Just avoid workouts like The Trick, The Shovel, etc. that have very high power targets- they’re much less fun to do at reduced intensities and the longer workouts will help pass the time faster too!


Thanks to all, this has been very helpful. I like the idea of mixing in some shorter efforts at lower intensity. I agree that avoiding those targeting NM are probably best to avoid. I will follow up with what I elect to take on. This could be fun, in a proper chamois shredding terrible way.


I just chuck the bike into erg mode and ride till I’ve completed 100 miles. It’s a good mental exercise.

Things I’ve done in the past:

  1. Watch a GCN+ video
  2. Ride a Zwift route in parallel (i.e. connect smart to Zwift in parallel, so the bike is controlled by SUF, but Zwift gets my power/cadence output as well)
  3. Nothing. Just look out the window and sing to myself.

Things that help? Stand. Every 4-5 minutes, stand for 20 seconds. Every few miles, stand. Drink more than you think you need, eat more than you think you need.

Good luck.



Yep, I’ve done all these things. All are also good options. Also great is watching a bike race and racing along with them. :slight_smile:

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For those interested, I did the 2x25 and 3x20 programs totaling 6hours. I hit 100miles at about 5:50 used the remaining. Time to recover on and off the bike. I was able to make it until about 5:30 at 100% in erg mode. I watched the ventoux x2 stage all of the way through with a knife additional highlight clip of the stage 9. I am training for Ironman Maryland, so having long sub threshold blocks was a good setup for my needs. Takeaways, the lack of freewheeling makes a difference, Hydrate hydrate hydrate, set the grade to 1% to save the back, I remained in aero for most of it, invest in chamois butter. It’s a great mental toughness test.

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Change of bibs and a shower half way through. A luxury for sure but I wont tell GvA.

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I did a lot of this when I had a broken shoulder. I just loaded up a real 170Km GPX track into bkool, and either watched the video from my own bike that I’d taken of that ride OR watched TDF / GIRO replays. If you’re doing Suff vids my suggestion would be to grab the 4 hour one, and watch some races, and then click to send it back to before the intervals, so you end up with a sub/threshold ride around 5-6 hours. Stick it in ERG or level, whatever you feel like. If you’re riding those kind of distances already then you’ll be used to the feel of a long day in the saddle. I find having a real race to watch helps, you end up responding to the attacks etc, which helps keep it OK. The other thing is… make sure it’s hard. You don’t get as bored if you’re actually suffering :wink: .

You shouldn’t need to change kit for a 6-7 hour ride, just make sure you’ve got your supplies handy and laid out in roughly the order that you expect to consume them.

You’ll go through a lot more fluid than on the road, because you get much hotter. Your overall pace will probably be faster because no freewheeling, and no traffic lights.