More help needed in training plan selection

I am currently doing The full century plan. I actually do most rides indoors. This plan has lots of 4 hr Endurance+ rides. Even if I was outdoors, I would not do these. I find indoors that about 2.5 hours is as much as I want. If riding outdoors, I would never keep to those targets.

Previously I was doing the hilly grand Fondo plan. It was quite similar, I think a little better suited to what I like. I actually do most rides indoors.

For that reason I used to use the all purpose road plan. I found occasionally training load a little light, perhaps the early weeks of the plan. Also I found that there were too many cadence drills, usually twice a week, too many.

It would be nice to modify the plans to one’s wishes, and I probably occasionally change things. However sometimes have brought myself too much fatigue so it is not easy.

At present I am most likely to return to hilly grand Fondo.

I only do one day at weekend and have to move rides around. That’s ok , sometimes not enough rest at the times I need it.

Just a few random thoughts here, like to hear what people think

Hi @Stonechat,

Thanks for the post. Yep, you are right. There are some long rides in that full century plan. Some of our plans do have big volume built in to prepare for those long hours in the saddle. I would never suggest that someone do 4 hours on the trainer (Knighthood excluded) on any type of regular basis. But that is a necessary evil if you are preparing for the long stuff. If you have that plan loaded up but find yourself indoors, because of weather, you can back off the volume and hit some of the more intense but shorter sessions like ISLAGIATT, Cobbler or the like. That will certainly lessen the boredom of staring blankly at a wall for 4 hours. And if your event is in the distance and you have time to prep outside, thats the way to go. You are also correct that there are several cadence sessions. These are purposefully there to help with the Neuromuscular stimulation that most riders leave out of their training. But one thought is that you may have applied a plan that was designed for strength. If so, there are more NM sessions included to maximize NM adaptations on strength days. Maybe have a look at that.
Thanks again for your thoughts.

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Funny. When I was doing the All Purpose Road Plan I was complaining about the lack of sessions over 2.5 hours. lol. So afterward I did the Metric Century Plan. I just wish there were more sessions over 2.5 hours long with videos and music. I love ISLTA or Kitchen Sink, but the other long sessions are all no-vids. I don’t know why, but I love doing the long rides on a trainer. Maybe I’m strange. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am really ok with long rides, but will nonetheless pick a different plan next time