Completed workout

Just finished a workout and it’s not shown in history or calendar… but it did transfer to Strava. Is there a way to import back in - needs to count for December challenge. Thanks in advance!

Hey @sehagens, welcome to the forums! Sometimes there’s a delay in syncing. First thing I’d try is to logout then log back in, then I’d check the web app so see if it’s in the wahoo cloud for you. You can do that here (the web app looks just like the app you use to do the workout but you can’t actually perform workouts from there): SYSTM

Can you take a screen shot of your calendar and your history page?

Thanks for the reply. I was on computer also looks on app - not there. Maybe I deleted it. Not sure but here are screen shots from calendar (nothing) and from Strava.

From web - calendar…

Have you checked History? Tap the Progress tab. If it’s not there then I’d recommend you send a request through support

Try loading you SYSTM on your computer again and leave it 10 minutes. It might be it’s synced with Strava but not the Wahoo cloud. Give it a bit of time and it might sort itself out.

No luck. Oh well thanks for the advice!