Contradictory instructions for Endurance ride?

Whilst reading the instructions and then bullet points for Endurance 3 in the 200-mile Gravel programme I noticed what appear (to me) to be some inconsistencies in the directions given. This is particularly when planning to use HR as my guide, as I don’t have power pedals.

The body of the text calls for efforts between 70 and 80% of LTHR - low to mid Zone 2 up to 85% of LTHR but not for long (hills if outside I suppose), so far so good.

However, the bullet point guides for warm up, main effort intervals and cool down all call for less than 70% HR.

When I checked these HRs against my rider profile, less than 70% is classed as Zone 1, not 2. Also, my rider profile speaks about Cycling Threshold Heart Rate, but the guidance speaks about Lactate Threshold Heart Rate. The “all about cTHR” link does not explain any of these discrepancies. I’m concerned that if my endurance rides are too low in effort, I shan’t be able to achieve the 80 - 90 RPM recommended, and I may be training myself to be a slow long rider. Not really what I’m after. I’d be grateful if someone could please clarify the discrepancies I’ve highlighted, whether that be in the text or directions, or my understanding of them.

Thank you!

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Great question @David_Ferguson! Welcome to the forums. I don’t have an answer for you but am curious as well. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Edit: when looking deeper I see the same issue with most of the No-VId Endurance workouts. There are a couple that have the intervals at <85 which fits the description. I’m willing to bet this is an error that needs correcting.

Hey @David_Ferguson ,
Keep the workout in mid Z2(70-80%) up to 85% but not for long and also use RPE (3.5-4) as an effective combo with HR. It looks like a typo at the bottom of the details. I’ll pass it on to @Coach.Mac.C for clarification. Thanks for pointing this out and sorry for the confusion.


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FWIW Coach, I noticed the same thing and applied ‘common sense’ in that this is an Endurance ride, not recovery and not Sweet Spot/Threshold.

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Just got word from our head exercise physiologist, Mac Cassin, all the Novid Endurance workouts have been updated with the correct HR zones.