Crescendo - Heart Rate Zones

Hi, I did Crescendo for the first time this morning and for most of it my heart rate was well above the zone 2 expected according to the display, touching 1 beat below my LTHR at the end of the highest power step. I am typically finding the morning workouts harder than the same one in the afternoon, but hoping that passes.

In short I am wondering if I am getting the right training effect from the workout?

In long I have been reading about the importance of of the first lactic acid inflection point, where the base levels of lactate just start to build up, and wonder how best in increase it. Endurance workouts seem like a good place to start, but since I felt like I passed this first threshold before/around the 75% of FTP step would I be better off doing something different? I am currently following the MTB preseason plan, wk 1.

Those HR zones are wrong in the two hardest sections. It’s not you.

The hardest one is 90% of threshold power so you’d expect HR in Z4 as you progress through that.

It’s just an error in the HR tags.

If it’s not been bug reported already I’ll go do that.


For what it’s worth I did Crescendo a couple of days ago and my HR was well over the suggested zone, whereas in most workouts the zones are pretty spot-on - I think there’s an error in the suggested zone(s) in Crescendo.

I’ve reported this.

RPE numbers are wrong in the same way HR zones are

The main thing is the power is right as the workout is about going up to sub threshold but no higher. So if it’s plan, do it as prescribed and switch HR display off if you want in the settings as power is the main thing.

Hope that helps.



Thanks all, much appreciated.

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Was about to post about this and saw this thread first.

I can confirm it’s still incorrect (HR zones) and the description of the workout should really be altered.

My FTP is 304w and I was holding 275w (up from 260w the block before)… for me I call this comfortably hard, it’s no way easy, but I’m not holding on either.