Core training with balance board

Someone using a balance board to train the core? If so is it a good tool?


I use a bosu ball, similar principle. I’m told it does wonders for improving balance and working smaller, stabilizer muscles while going through your workout. I can’t say how true that is, but I can definitely feel my core and upper body engaging to bring me level whenever I destabilize a little. So must be something to it.

Though bosu ball might be a little easier than your board…

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I have a Bosu too (which I should use again) and it’s great indeed for balancing/core training which will assist you a great deal on the bike.
Google and YouTube are full of great exercises.

Edit: if you are new to it though, I’d start off first with balancing exercises within SYSTM itself, in order to build up general strength (entry level) and then add the board to your sessions.


An upside down bosu ball is similar to your board, but the ball is bigger.


I have an indoboard.

(There are lots of cheaper clones now).
This was originally ment to help to lean how to surf and help with balance, but I find it a good core workout as well.

A bit harder to get on at first but after the learning curve you can do squats, kettle bell, whatever on it as well.

Plus it’s fun.

I found it also helped a bit in skills like trackstands and low speed MTB’ing.


I use a bosu but mainly for my ankles. I broke both anterior talofibular ligaments in my ankles many years ago and I need to compensate with muscles. This kind of balance workouts work great for this.