I did the “Balance Traing for Runners” and it wasn’t pretty. Is there a more basic balance training that I could start with or should I just keep at this one? I clearly need to improve my balance. Thanks in advance for advice.

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There are some balance exercises in the Full Body strength and mobility workouts.
You might try just the mobility exercises in the workout and see how it goes.

As I am sure you noted, the “Balance Training for Runners” is an intermediate level workout.

Thanks. Maybe we can get @abicarver to do a “Balance For Boomers” video :blush:.


If you were wearing shoes, you can reduced the difficulty of balance exercises by going barefoot.
If you are on a soft floor surface like a yoga mat, rubber gym flooring or carpet you can reduce difficulty by doing the exercises on a hard floor.


Thanks. Will try bare feet and see how it goes.

Balance for Boomers! Love it.

Another thing that you can do it take the video step by step, pausing on each part to practice it individually. Then you can build up fluency over time.


Thanks. Will try in bare feet and will break it down step by step.

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Let us know how you get on…

@Mecons - hang in there. It was pretty awful to watch when I started but Abi got me through it! She’s awesome! The Cycling Pre-ride has some balance exercises that combine some core work as well. It’ll come - best thing I found - find that point on the floor and act like a laser goat!!

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Thanks. Will give pre-ride a go and will definitely stick with it.

You can also try out the Balance and Agility I & II yoga sessions. I think that you’ll see some improvement over time by doing a range of exercises that challenge your balance.

I’m pretty sure Abi mentions in at least one of the workouts that you can expect to have better balance on one side than the other. I also find that the quality of my balance can vary from day to day.

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The problem with those workouts is that they are on an advanced level.
As I know from experience, if your balance is not great, those are too hard to do.

Fortunately, at least for me, the balance exercise is the Strength training are much more accessible.

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Agreed. I don’t think advanced yoga is realistic for me. The intermediate is a stretch.