Cuore shop closed?

I know this question has been asked in November, but in that thread, the shop was then re-opened and everything was fine.

However, as far as I can tell from occasionally checking it, the Cuore SUF shop has been closed in December, entire January and now at the beginning of February as well. I know it’s only opened sparingly, but since it was never available in January, I assumed it would be in the first half of Feb.

Any info on what’s going on and when will it be back?

Edit: I’m in Germany, I know it’s not available in the UK.


I noticed this too. Shows as SHOP CLOSED with dates December 1, 2023 - December 15, 2023

Any word on this Sir @Rupert.H?

Edit: same message on the Wahoo team shop.

Still closed as of Feb 9th - any potential updates on this? My Knighthood attempt is coming up tomorrow and I’d hate not being able to get the kit afterwards.

oooooh TOMORROW hey. I nearly forgot (to buy popcorn).

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We’re in March and the shop is still closed. Bumping this thread in hopes of someone at Wahoo seeing it.

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It was mentioned in the other thread:


Oh, I’ve missed that, thank you!

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