New SUF gear available now!

Just in time for the outdoor season in the northern hemisphere, we’ve added a SUF-load of new gear to the Cuore store. In addition to the road jersey, bibshorts, and gilet, you can now order:

  • SUF triathlon suit
  • SUF triathlon race top
  • SUF long sleeve cycling jersey
  • SUF running shirt
  • SUF offroad / trail jersey
  • SUF offroad / trail shorts
  • SUF half shorts

Check out the entire range here: CUORE | Welcome To Sufferlandria


Fab news. Keep it coming ……

Now if only I didn’t live in the UK ……ridiculous brexit thing that means UK isn’t even a delivery country.

I think I’m going to set up a PO Box in Germany and then fly over and pick some stuff up.

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Yep its a shame we can’t get it here in the UK…

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GREAT! I needed more stuff to covet :stuck_out_tongue:

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would have loved to place an order, but seriously I’m not willing to pay €10 p&p for a package within Germany

Good stuff, Team!

I noticed that the KOS jersey isn’t appearing at the price that requires the discount code. The text still has the reference to the code, though.

Yeh, it appears that now, rather than being $1,000,000.00 with a discount it is now simply only available for sale to Knights with the discount code. Perhaps this is a Cuore website thing. In any case, it’s still exclusive :slight_smile:


Thank you, Sir Glen!

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Oh bummer, and I was hoping some rich bloke was going to buy one at full price to pay for some repairs to the portcullis. With so many Knights battering it down we need to rebuild it. We also need a bigger round table and that will require expanding the walls of the great hall. And of course we need a bigger dungeon.


not to mention



2 different shops?
the sufferfest address doesn’t have the new clothes.

I recognized this, especially since my login data from the previous shop is not valid for the new “team shop.”

Hi Dame Isi,

Just to be 100% transparent, the kit is manufactured in China and is shipped directly from the factory to you (hence the charge for delivery) - it does not transit in bulk to Germany before being sent to German customers.


Thanks Sir. We will investigate.

FYI: yes we had to change this to accommodate other coupons used in conjunction with purchase of Knight jersey and also to enable purchase of multiple jerseys at same time.

If only that meant that it could be shipped to the UK as well for the same ……

Is there a store that UK customers can use that’s not the Cuore Germany one?
That might then mean UK people can order things as we’re bit in the EU anymore, and Cuore (EU) are choosing not to handle the processing needed (it’s probably a major hassle and not worth their effort I guess) to enable EU/UK shipping.

The issue as I understand is that Cuore is not established as a company in the UK and cannot therefore import there now UK is not part of EU anymore - We’re still talking to them to find out what can be done about it.


thanks for the info, should be made transparent on the Cuore website though (not your fault).
btw., Apres Velo that used to make all these fabulous Sufferfest Shirts ships free if the order exceeds €75

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I’m happy to get them printed by Pactimo if you want ……… same 6w cycles, and easy to do ….

Controversial I know……

Should I worry that I placed an order on the “old” shop?
It’s been in status “Processing” since april 21st.

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