Cyclocross Superprestige Diegem

Watched this cyclocross race earlier today. The mens race was one of the most exciting races I have seen. The night time racing under the lights, the big crowds, the energy, the mud and a great battle between Van Aert, VDP and Pidcock. If you have a chance to check it out on GCN+, please do. Great race.


I saw it too. Fantastic race. I tend to watch the race replays in full while doing a zone 2 session (not the biggest fan of the inspiration series).

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Are you saying that live races can be streaming x-days past broadcast?
I was an original subscriber but can’t remember this being the case back then, unless, you know, foggy memory…

As far as I know, you could always go back an stream races -

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Side question: I quit my subscription because I only watched a few live races and the documentary side of things I found in SYSTM.
How has the platform evolved the past year?

Evolved? Not sure. They add at least a new documentary every week, but I think it depends on how much racing you watch and which races they have available in your country.

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The men’s race at Diegem was fantastic to watch. That last lap!

The platform is much the same in terms of the mechanics.

Their race coverage is quite extensive, especially for cyclocross. Depending on where you live, you’ll get more or less access, but in the US, it’s pretty good. The only thing we miss out on for CX is the World Cup races.

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Todays race at Loenhout was pretty good too!


Nice! No spoilers please - I haven’t watched it yet.

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Agreed!!! It was the most exciting, until…Azencross-Loenhout from yesterday! Heusden-Zolder makes my top 3 as well :slight_smile:

Depending on what country/region your in you should be able to stream anything from the last 12 months. Usually once that month ie last January should either be unavailable or will be unavailable once this years race takes place. The Australian National Champs from January 2022 are still available at the minute but will probably be taken off when this years Santos Tour Down Under starts in 2 weeks, Hope this helps.

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