Gcn plus

I just saw the announcement about gcn+.

100 new cycling documentaries and movies, with 24 available on 15th february and 2 per week for the rest of the year.

Anybody else wonder if this has anything to do with wahoo/sufferfest partnering and the new big features that have been mentioned?

I have no idea, but it launches 15th February and it’s a good distraction/rumour mongering.




I signed up for the exclusive content. They have big $$ behind them now so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a connection.

I’m wondering the same thing. The GCN+ cycling documentaries look like they’d be a great fit for the ‘Inspiration’ category on The Sufferfest, and with the previous partnership and existing GCN-videos, it seems like a small step to take for both to merge the two.

That is, if GCN won’t focus more on getting the subscription numbers for GCN+ with the whole package…

I’m curious to see where they take this!

For $25 for the first year it seems like a no-brainer.

It does seem like great value. Even just to get the documentaries alone (I’m Belgian, we’ve got the race coverage pretty much covered (pardon the pun))…

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It’s been great value already for watching cyclocross and the Australian road racing championships. I’m happy to pay for this sort of content, and the introductory pricing (ends at the end of February) of USD 25 for a year is a bargain.

The documentaries will be an added bonus for me.

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I signed up. Not too much to see right now, but when it kicks off it should keep me occupied after my Suff workout

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I gave the iPhone standard app how do you watch + on TV? YouTube ?

Some use of AirPlay/ChomeCast/Screen mirroring of some kind I would imagine.


I use apple tv to screen mirror.

The GCN videos here are kind of awful though. Am I the only one who thinks this? They seem like what the SFest was created to kill off, Spinerval style workouts staring at some guy on a bike. Are there more worthwhile things on GCN?

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Check for yourself and see if it’s worth it for you. $25 for the first year seems like a no-brainer for me:

That little bit for race coverage and cycling movies/docs? Sure, I waste way more than that on things I get far less time out of.

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I also use an Apple TV (we have 3 or 4 around the house). However, I also have a Roku TV in our library, and I found that it has Apple TV Air Play so I can go directly from my iPhone or iPad to that TV without an AppleTV! Amazing!

@afolpe I don’t care for the GCN workouts, either. I did some of them on YouTube a couple years ago and liked them before I started using SUF. Now I don’t use them anymore. I didn’t buy GCN+ for the workouts. I have it for the racing. And the new documentaries are a huge bonus. Those are the things to buy it for. The workouts… meh. I could do without those. But at that low price it’s a bargain and I don’t feel I’m getting any less value by ignoring their workouts.


Ive just signed up but when using airplay i’m only getting sound no video. Any ideas?

I had the race pass, loved it. All the racing, without adds, was just awesome.
And I can go back and watch them again.
Wondering what sort of Documentaries they will have in, hopefully not too much like the ones on GCN channel which is just a glorified advert. Still, it has the racing. I’d keep it just for that.

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Just watched “the king and beers” about gravel riding and brew pubs in Vermont, and “the story of Columbus”. Both were outstanding and infinitely better than watching anything else on Tv. As already said, a great deal for $25 for a year of race coverage and documentaries.

I’m having all sorts of problems with them. I signed up and paid, and it’s still telling me I have to subscribe. Have logged a problem with them, but got an automated response that they have a lot of tickets at the moment and it will take some time to resolve.


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I remember last year when subscribing to racepass, I had to wait a day, and to logout/in several times before it worked. No real issue since then, looking forward to watching these documentaries

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