Giro d'Italia gcn music

Anyone else been watching the Giro on Gcn? The background music they play during the segment when the commentators are making their predictions for the stage is the same music as one of the Sufferfest videos. I think it’s the same as who dares of fight club, but I’m not sure. The first time I heard it in the giro coverage, I felt a strong compulsion to suffer.


The GCN+ platform has been great for watching the Giro. So nice to see a platform like this that is delivering excellent coverage for a very reasonable price.

I haven’t seen today’s stage yet, but have been catching the long highlights for each of the previous stages. So I haven’t seen the part where they do their predictions - I’ll have to check it out on one of the replays.


@Jason_Blakeburn I did not notice that but will listen more carefully. I agree on the urge to suffer. The race has really been great to watch this year.

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Haven’t paid attention to music. but agree I just signed up for gcn+, definitely worth it! i love Eurosport in Finland, however the advertisings… so I gave GCN+ a shot, definitely worth the money!!!


thanks for the information.
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yes, it’s worth the money.

With the Road Race season pretty much done and a long season of CX coming although tbh it’s already here but with most races at the weekend what can I do during the week if I’m doing novid rides I know we can stick on not only this years 3 Grand Tours but also last years and can watch each stage as live again, that should see me through the off season until we are back in Australia again in mid January